Staying Safe – Hone Your Self-Defense and Survival Skills

Fun and games is what we’ve been covering mostly. Wine, women and song. But as a man, it certainly is wise to also consider one or two serious topics, such as self defense and survival skills. One way that you can learn how to defend yourself is by mastering the use of weapons; however, some people might not wish to carry one all the time.

There are several important factors to consider before getting a weapon, such as laws in your area, how well trained you are in the use of the weapon and how effective it is really. You may want to also think about if you would be able to use the weapon if you have one.

Do you do martial arts training? If so, using weapons is something which you may want to try. Whether you choose a staff, or a sword, there are lots of martial arts weapons to choose from. Though it is a good idea to learn how to use a staff or a sword for self-defense, it’s not sensible to bring one with you if you go downtown to run a few errands. Finding out how to use these weapons, however, will help you if you happen to need to use an improvised weapon, such as you might have at home. So rather than utilizing the actual weapons for self-defense, you will most probably use what you learn for training purposes or at martial arts events.

One weapon that some people want to carry or keep in the house is a stun gun. A weapon like this is better than a more deadly option, such as a gun, and that it will stop, not kill, the assailant. This is much better for several reasons, including the fact that shooting somebody dead with a gun may lead to legal hassles, something that a stun gun cannot do. Stun guns, however, are not legal everywhere, so you need to look into your local laws before obtaining one. Before you purchase a stun gun, you need to pick one from the many styles that exist today. Law enforcement officers, for instance, use a particular brand called tasers which are popular with many people.

Some of the best weapons for self defense are tiny and convenient to carry in your pocket. When you require self protection, these devices, though not created specifically as a weapon, will work just fine. From key chains, to little knives, pocket-sized weapons can be bought on the Internet or from catalogs. Pepper spray is a very popular item these days. One of the greatest advantages such a weapon gives you is surprise, because a potential assailant will not be ready for it. The best thing to do is to be alert and ready for anything to happen. Don’t forget, in case you are caught off guard, any weapon you’re carrying can be used against you.

The weapons employed in martial arts are of course an interesting topic for people who enjoy either martial arts or weapons. Hobbyists across the world collect these weapons. Individuals study martial arts weapons for numerous reasons. Among those reasons would be fun, interest, the enhancement of empty hand skills, and merely wishing to learn a lost skill from a prior generation. See the articles listed on this New York Times self defense page for more.

Over the years, there have been numerous widely used martial arts weapons. The pop culture of martial arts weapons changes from time to time, but the following are generally hot items. You can find weapons such as these, along with more esoteric survival products such as an earthquake survival kit, online.

Earthquake Survival Kit Shack

Earthquake Survival Kit Shack

The Staff: The staff is another one of those weapons which was popular for many years as it can be translated into anything which can be regarded as a long blunt weapon such as a pool cue or a broom stick. Clearly you wouldn’t learn how to use a staff so that you can dominate an opponent, but learning the staff can give you the benefit of counter-surprise if you are attacked.

The Three-Sectional Staff: The martial arts movie classic, "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin", took the three-sectional staff from barely used to a favored weapon for many. You can think of this weapon as nunchakus in the form of a staff.

The Butterfly Swords: An ever growing passion for the art of Wing Chun kung fu has raised the popularity of butterfly swords. The practice and study of these swords can help your Wing Chun skills profoundly.

The Bow and Arrow: Zen archery is painstakingly hard to master and this is certainly the true joy of it. The very thought of learning how to hit a target with an arrow is really designed to teach patience and self-mastery more than the actual science of using the bow.

Nunchakus: The truth is, nunchakus weren’t initially created as a weapon. These were tools for rice milling. Those who worked with them on a regular basis at some time found out how to use them as weapons, but they didn’t hit martial arts pop culture until the 1970s when Bruce Lee became a movie sensation.

Samurai Sword: You can say the samurai sword has at long last bested the nunchaku as the leading martial arts weapon because of the movies. Think of this as a good thing as the heritage of how to use these swords was very quickly becoming a lost art.

Not everyone likes to own or carry weapons for self defense, and this is absolutely a personal choice. It depends on your own level of comfort around weapons, and also on your desire to do physical harm to other people. You need to to decide on what type of damage you’re ready to risk inflicting on your assailant. There are several non lethal weapons, including pepper spray and even stun guns that can stop somebody without doing long lasting injury.