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Yippee Ki Yay, let’s have some fun! In this oh-so politically correct climate it seems that it’s inappropriate to have a website by men, for men. Forget that nonsense! “You work too much,” “You think about sex too much,” “You like your car more than you like me.” Maybe that’s all true, but here at Yippee Ki Yay we don’t care. Here you’ll find articles about work, sex, cars and all the other things men love.

Nevada Brothels and Escorts Make for an Exciting Las Vegas Vacation

Are you experiencing soon to be marriage, birthday bash celebration or other personal celebration you’ve been invited to, and find you’re without a female? Or maybe you’re feeling that you want to get in touch with an interesting new young lady, or just discover the awesome feeling of some company. It turns out there’s no need feeling ill at ease or lonesome because an ideal resolution is certainly available.

When you might need a date for any major affair or gathering, remember that you will discover companies whose offerings may include dating. Providers like these are masters on furnishing you with plenty of guidance for all those hunting for the proper individual to have as your companion.

Nevada Brothels

There is absolutely no excuse to visit in a solitary situation, and become a wallflower. You can actually wow your fellow workers and your friends and have an exceptional night out with a gorgeous and exciting lady selected to meet your specific wants and style. You will be certain of having a great time conversing, joking and even dancing with the amazing woman.

You definitely will not be disenchanted. Unfortunately, finding a call girl in most parts of the country is difficult or illegal. The good news — Nevada to the rescue. If you’re vacationing or attending a conference in Las Vegas, you’ll want to consider checking out VFB (Vegas Fantasy Babes) to find an enjoyable, exciting, and very legal date with a woman.

Las Vegas Nevada Brothel

Las Vegas Nevada Brothel

Doubtless you could be at the moment convinced that it would be too weird or embarrassing to go to such an firm, but there’s no reasons to feel like this. Quite a few men leverage the high class services being offered, so you won’t be in isolation making this final decision. In addition, your date will certainly be inviting and delighted to be in your company, so you’re able to feel calm and optimistic in her companionship.

This sort of service is fit for a large array of folks. Certainly some men are more private and opt to get sexual satisfaction from buying a sex doll at a site like Shopoza at www.shopoza.com, but many others prefer to get their excitement from a real woman. Numerous people will need a companion for a corporate event, a wedding, a birthday celebration or other significant event. Some other men have anxiety getting together with females, therefore to help by-pass their apprehension they opt to have an organization pick just the right match and make a meeting for them. Various other men are dealing with a broken heart. It is well known that a pleasurable evening out set in place by this kind of a company can assist you forget a hard break up, divorce, rejection or unfaithfulness.

The Best Sex You’ve Never Had Until Now

Want to get more out of your date with an escort? These amazing tips will help make your sex life sizzle, and you are guaranteed the best sex of your life every time your with a woman. No toys, no excuses.

This one is for you, the guy. Ask her to give you an icy oral. She’s been around, so you won’t be surprising her with this request. She’ll play with an ice cube in her mouth before she goes down on you, and you can expect the sexual tension build. Then, she’ll perform oral like she usually would, and take the ice cube down your shaft. When she comes back up, she’ll swirl it around your tip with her tongue.

Be prepared to have an experience that wakes up your nerve endings in a completely different — and pleasurable — way. It’s a big turn-on for you, and most call girls will be willing to do it. Especially in Sin City, where the women have seen (and done) it all. The women at the Vegas Fantasy Babes escort agency are pros at this, so that may be a good service to use.

Try ‘no thrust‘ sex. Here’s how to do it. Simply hop into bed and do the complete opposite of what you normally do. Basically, enter her and there’s a lot of kissing, caressing and touching without any pelvic thrusting. This slow-burn technique is still erotic enough to give her an orgasm as her vagina will start to rhythmically contract, and it can really connect you as a couple. For her, sex is more than pounding away and going to sleep — it’s about a connection. Treat your hooker right like this, and she’ll be willing to do more, for less money, on return visits.

Write down all the sex positions you’ll love to do, and have her do same. Have you ever wondered what goes on in a woman’s head and what she really wants sexually? Well, this activity makes that possible. So get pen, paper and a bottle of wine, and sit down together to write individual lists of positions you’d like to try. Then compare notes and pick one to tick off that night. As you both talk about it, doing it can be hot, especially when the position is one that you or she invented. Of course for a short date, this kind of exercise isn’t possible. But it you’re into longer dating sessions, there’s time for fun like this.

What about the lift up? To achieve maximum pleasure for her, be in the doggy position and stand behind her in a wide stance with your hands on her hips. Once you’re inside her, have her control the motion by going up and down on her toes and pushing her backside into your groin. This puts her in total control. As a result, the angle will offer G-spot stimulation, and you can also slide your hands around to give her clitoris some TLC.

Do it in the shower. Do you know that when a steady stream of water pressure stimulates the clitoris, it delivers a feeling very different from the sensation produced by the hands or mouth? It’s deeper, more expansive and intense. The more the water strokes the clit, the more the pleasure and she is on her way to the big ‘O’.

Build anticipation. Throughout the day, before your date starts, sext each other in such a way that will turn another on. You can do this via sms, emails and bbms. It shows your eagerness and desire for each other. You’ll only want to do this with a call girl you know well, and have had multiple dates with. A new girl won’t know you well enough, and won’t be likely to want to play along.

Use seductive phrases and leave your comfort zone. A lot of men find it difficult to seductively talk to a woman and as such they miss the magical effect of seductive phrases on the woman. So, leave your comfort zones and tease her seductively, tell her how great she makes you feel and other erotic words. There is no sin in doing that and more.

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